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Limped SCIV???

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Does it ever happen? If so, Does it hurt anything when it happens? Is it just like the stock tranny when you limp it.... like from then on does it limp easier?

Fixing to hafta make the upgrade and want to know as much as possible!

Thanks Fellas! :rockin
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Ive gotten a few range shift inhibited on mine, but never any codes.

Do they ever run hot????
built trans will run warmer than stock becuase of the less tolerances. Mine ran about the same as stock but I added a huge cooler now.

If I'm gonna spend all this cash on a tranny, I want it to be right! How much was the bigger cooler?
Im with you on that one
i wonder if a deep pan would help that much?
Deep pan helps but in the long run doesnt keep it much cooler. Keeps it cooler at first due to the added capacity though.
my trans cooler was like 80 bucks off of summit racing.
As Vinny said, a deep pan wont help once you get the fluid hot, but I can go 50 miles before my trans guage starts reading with it.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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