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Haha so im a nut case when it comes to my vehicles . Overthink everything, worry, obsessive , etc.

Anywho. Girlfriend drove my truck home the other night . Decided to get in the driver seat *in my driveway* and after a couple one too many Buds decided to get in and give her a couple whiskey throttle burps in park lol. No rev limiter action but just a couple small short pulls, 2 exactly. Have around 700 miles now.

What’s your guys opinions on neutral revving a diesel? This is my first one (2019) . Hope it didn’t do any damage.

I drive diesels at work everyday for my job, and redline these Mack trucks daily for optimal PTO pressure . Just didn’t know if there’s any differences in big ol rigs and medium duty rigs haha. Cheers

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