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Hey there I'm looking for help spending my tax return on some "investments"

I'd like to get rid of my current canned tuner and go with efi live. (dsp5 switch?)
Would also like a 2 pod setup egt and boost (or 3 with trans temp) dark grey with Bose tweeter.
Looking for local as I'd like to build a relationship with a good shop that I can trust with my truck (and wallet). I think I need Transmisson work... Rebuild or service... Or something lol...

Getting code p0700 and "limp" mode when using current diablo programmer on 65hp tune or 40hp when towing
Truck is my DD and family trailer hauler so don't need crazy power/tunes.

Thanks in advance! -Dan

(I'm in Okotoks, but local can include Calgary, high river, airdre etc)
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