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Hi LM2 owners, after my first oil change I switched over to Amsoil's Synthetic Diesel Oil SAE 0W-20 and a K&N filter and have been very happy so far, but I just recently came across this PPE High-Efficiency LM2 Oil Filter (Part#114000650) and this guy makes a pretty compelling argument in this video -->

Is anyone using this filter in their LM2 that could elaborate more on the subject? Specifically:
  1. Is it worth it?
  2. Do you believe it helps provide more engine protection than OEM or K&N?
  3. This oil filter is much longer than OEM, how much more oil is needed if using this product?
  4. Could you post a picture to how far this oil filter extends past the frame of the undercarriage?
Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

AC Delco Oil Filter (Part# PF66) $8.99
K&N Oil Filter (Part# HP-1021) $14.99
PPE High-Efficiency LM2 Oil Filter (Part#114000650) $26.99
3.0L Duramax Lifetime Oil Filter (Part# PP8451-X) $279.97 馃く

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Man I got lucky and back in Mar picked up 10 pf66 filters for $3.99ea. Personally I don鈥檛 think the PPE filter is worth it especially if you change your oil every 5k, oil isn鈥檛 that expensive and If you change it on a decent interval your just paying for something not needed.

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I use the CAT filter & conversion kit, which allows for better flow. It's done really well for me. I use Rotella T6.
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