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Hey guys, looking for some help, I have a 2015 lml that ive been building. Info on the truck is cclb, 120k miles, 5 in exhaust, fass 250gph, hsp S475 billet over stock, 100% over industrial injection injectors. I just installed the injectors and getting a CEL for PO2D7, (injector learning at max limit) and the truck it falling on it face, it has super bad dead pedal and rpm is all over the place when it finally picks up from the extreme lag, it almost feels like its misfiring from the way its accelerating, but the truck idles perfectly fine and revs up normally in park, also a little hazy when idling. Ive checked the injector connectors and everything is connected just fine, ive changed fuel filters and siphoned fuel and refilled just to eliminate bad fuel being a part of it, I programmed the new IQA codes and also got a revised tune, nothing changed. Any help would be great, Thanks.
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