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Hey Dmax Forum,
I have a 15 Sierra 2500 and I'm getting a rattle noise on decel at lower rpm from what sounds like the front drivers side fender. It sounds like metal, thin metal and I cant find what is causing the noise. It doesn't sound like an injector tick. If I had to describe it I would say it sounds almost like what a penny or washer in an empty bud Weiser can would sound like. It doesn't make the noise at idle or accelerating or if im on the pedal unless I'm barely creeping the throttle to about 1300rpm. Its not the dash rattling, it's coming from the drivers side front fender area. Was hoping maybe some have had this issue and found the fix.

My truck has had a few mods done
P1 downpipe back exhaust
EGR fell off
PCV rerouted
Airdog 165 GPH Lift pump
HSP Deluxe Y bridge
Up pipes (passenger and drivers side)
DSP5 switch
EGT probe (passenger side)
CP3K conversion (Fleece)

Just got my PPE downpipe
Will install when my Kryptonite front end kit comes in next week with renewal of upper and lower ball joints as well as new rotors and front brakes, rears were done about 5k miles ago under extended warranty, the piston was sticking in the rear drivers side brake caliper.

I serviced both torque converters and tranny recently, maybe 8k miles ago. I run amsoil injector cleaner every 2nd or 3rd fill up and my balance rates are within spec of +/- 0.4.

I just can't find this rattle noise and I want to correct it, especially if it's something major or could turn major.

Any help would be greatly appreciated fellow dmax drivers.

Thanks in Advance,

I also have an issue with my electric key fob starter. I replaced the hood latch thinking it was that because it kept telling me my hood was open when it wasn't. So I replaced the latch with an OEM latch, connected it, electric started the truck and as soon as I put the key in to drive away, it tells me my hood is open and it stays on the dash and constantly pings at me. If you pop the hood, it says the hood is closed, I don't get it, polarity or something is off or is there a relay cycle that needs to be done that wasn't when my truck had it's engine mods (my mechanic wasn't who I thought he was or as good as he claimed)? So I've just left it disconnected, but that feature no longer works and I'd like for it to. I can wind the windows down via key fob and also fold the mirrors, but I can't electric start the truck because I have to keep that hood latch connector disconnected so it doesn't ping at me on the dash. The service stabiltrack does flash at me randomly sometimes which leads me to a ground/electrical issue and maybe you guys have seen something similar to this.


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@ Woonie,
Was it a constant rattle or only on decel and minimal throttle? Im replacing the axles when my kryptonite comes in. I'll take a glance at that tomorrow now I suppose for peace of mind.
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