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2014 WT LML, 211k, LDS 64mm, CTS2, SD cold air intake
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Hey all. I have a 2014 LML. Deleted, EFI Live, intake and 5 inch exhaust. Today I ran to pick up my kids after school, but got an emergency call at work so had to scoot back home to get my work vehicle. Got on her a little to get up the driveway as we had temps in 40’s today and nothing but a slushy mess (Michigan). Shut her off and was gone for about 2 hours. Came back, started up and heard a weird sound along with a slightly shaky idle. I can’t describe the sound but I turned around and noticed there was a very large amount of white smoke come out the tailpipe. Balance rates seemed normal on the Edge, no codes. I decided to take off and gave a couple good WOT runs. No issues but noticed smoke was decreasing.

On Sunday I filled up from an almost empty tank and added 3 shots of HotShot instead of the normal 2 every fill. I’m kinda chocking this up to she was clearing her throat and hocking a big loogey lol but if anybody has had experience with this, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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