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LMM MBRP 4" vs 5"

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From the previous threads, this seems to be more of a preference versus a performance choice.

Did I miss something?

Also how well does the "aluminized" stand up versus the "stainless"?

I live in NM so there is salt and sand on the roads in the winter, although I generally take the truck through the was shortly after driving through any of that crap. Will it have a significant effect on the aluminized?
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there is no noticable performance diff. its mostly sound. the aluminized will stand up fine in the snow if you take care of it. i know a few people up north and they have the aluminized and havent had a problem with it rusting or coroding. let me know if i can help you out with any thing.

X2 performance will be the same. The 5" is going to be noticably deeper sounding and a bit better looking imo also.

I have customers who have run Aluminized for 3-4 years with no issues, and in IN the roads are covered with salt all winter.
aluminized will stand up better then 409 stainless....but 304 stainless will be the best (also mucho more expensive)
Tyler which is better to go with, the aluminized or 409 stainless? I hear both. I am Northern IN.
its more of what youd prefer the 409 stainless looks nice and will hold up in the salted roads. the aluminized will also hold up just as well i run one. the only diff is basically the material. i personally would go with a 409 stainless.
Dave, I suggest a T409Ss system if you plan on keeping the truck 4+ years.
The 409 rusts 10x quicker then the aluminized. I have components of both in my exhaust
Difference is that it won't rust through on 409SS, it'll just get surface rust. Aluminized pipe will rust through once it starts.
my front pipe just rusted this winter...took less than 7 months for it to rust..but see i dont have to worry about having a hole in my exhaust :D id go with stainless
Dave, I suggest a T409Ss system if you plan on keeping the truck 4+ years.
ya im trying to sell my 4" right now but its cut for a ex-cab and the only people that have been interested is guys with crew cabs. i want to move up to a magnaflow 5" ss
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