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This truck will be my DD until it wears out. Durability with some added power is what I am looking for.

Ok so here is my short list of planned mods:

1. Cognito Stage 4 with Bags on the rear.
2. 5" Turboback MBRP Exhaust (or the 4" if I win it from Alligator)
3. Edge CTS Race
4. Transgo Jr.
5. EGR Blocker
6. PCV Reroute
7. Tires after I wear out the stock (and maybe some XD wheels)
Our trucks have phenomenal power and itty bitty stock tires (WTF)


1. Am I missing any important mods that I will need to do?
2. Will the Transgo Jr. be enough to support these mods?
3. Up pipe, what is this?

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EFI Live

I am not scared about EFI Live, I understand everyone is pretty happy to sell or share tuning. I know that Version 2 with DSP5. I would need to buy a laptop for it as well. What kind of cost am I looking at getting into EFI Live, I mean real cost, because there are always extras that come into play?

Is it worth it versus the Edge CTS if I am not looking to turn 500hp?

If it is near the same price I would be more inclined to go with EFI just because it would mean that I probably wouldn't be buying another tuner if I changed my mind about HP.

Again, Thanks for the thoughts. That is the reason I posted the thread and the reason this place is so great.
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