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Hey Guys

Just like the title says, my 2004 is stalling about every 15-20 minutes of driving. Heres a quick run through of what I've done.

1. Pulled the engine to replace Headgaskets, all 8 injectors, misc hoses, tubes, wires, water pump, etc.

2. While the engine was out I installed the FASS 150 and a Nicktane adapter. While I did the Nicktane adapter I rebuilt the FF head with a rebuild kit from Nicktane. I DID remove the ball stop from FF housing as Nicktane suggests.

3. Put the engine back in and everything working well for a couple days. Got a small tranny leak so I had the tranny rebuilt. Couple hundred miles later I got another small tranny leak, got the transfer case seals replaced.

4. On the way to and from the 2nd trip to the tranny shop, the truck stalled on the freeway. The first time I pulled over and it started again. On the way home I had to get out and reprime it. Then it stalled again 20 min. later and I had to reprime it again.

5. Got home, popped the hood, turned on the FASS for about 20 min with engine off. No leaks, no bubbles, no clear problem. Truck only idles for about 5 minutes in the driveway then stalls.

No check engine light. Any ideas?
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