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looking for axle info

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I have an offroad only chevy blazer I recently got a set of one ton axles from I believe a 75 chevy.. anyone know of a really good person or site i can reference my axles with pictures or good identifiable descriptions I don't want to order parts for the wrong axle when I rebuild them.. thanks
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Post up some pictures. Also look on the diff cover to see if the tag is still there. You can also pull the diff cover and rotate the carrier and get the numbers off it.
Im pretty sure if its a 1-ton from the 70s it will be the corporate 14-bolt for the rear end, and the front (if passenger side drop) would be a 60...
ok cool thats what i figured but had;nt a clue how many options there were or what they came off of exactly just what i was told but i got both of those and a set of half ton axles for a hundred bucks.. thanks for your help
ill go take pics with my cell phone in a minute.. I was forced to put them outside over hte winter so naturally there rusty as hell but ill take care of all that after I strip them down
Wow good deal. Is the 1 ton front a passenger side drop pumpkin?
here is a picture of front.. sorry its not greatest picture but let me know what ya think

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Kinda looks like a 10 bolt but that wouldnt make sense if its an 8-lug 1 ton. Im betting its a Corporate 60
well Im assuming thats a good thing gotta be tougher than the six lug D44's I keep breaking haha.. what difference is corporate? just not a limited slip or something? same with rear if its a corporate 14.. before I repost I'll strip them down and get numbers off ring gears and run them..
Is the rear axle a full floating axle? If it is, then its tne 10.5 corporate 14. A really good axle. If its not, then it is the 9.5 semi floating 14. Still good, but not as strong. I had a D44 with 8 lug and a 9.5 14 in a 81 3/4 chevy. Both good axles, just not as heavy duty as the full 1ton stuff. Sorry, I can't see the pics at work.
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