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looking to buy efi

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how do i go about it
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Start learning as much as you can about it. It can seem daunting at first, but it's not really that hard.

EFILive Web Site is a good place to start.
heres my plan...get the 5 tune switch
1. stock
2. tow tune built by whoever i buy it from
3. tune i build from either tow tune or from PPE tune
4. Hot tune thats stock tranny safe built by whoever i buy it from
5. Hot tune i build from the level 4 tune

i prob run it in level 2 till i build and test a level 3 i like then work on a level 5 tune while im saving for a trans build..
whos a good lly tune builder
Looks good, I'm going with:

1. Stock 305rwhp
2. Tow 350rwhp
3. 400 rwhp
4. 500 rwhp
5. 600 rwhp

Keep it on level 1-3, then 4-5 with a built tranny + a sequential setup.

Nick is doing mine for me, Rob is also a popular choice.
whos a good lly tune builder
Probably the best LLY tuning selection you will find, but it is custom tuning. Cheaper than purchasing EFILive also. Keylock switches now shipping with it also. TUNING OPTIONS.doc
im looking into this too, how would i get a hold of rob or nick?
wo wyou did a lot of work there and its looking tempting compared to still reading it but how many tunes can i get it with from you?
Contact info is below.
Hey Rob I Have A Question About The Quote You Sent Me Should I Call Or Pm
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