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looking to buy first duramax

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im in the market for a duramax and my price range is mostly the 01-03 models. My question is, do all the trucks with the duramax have an allison because some ads say they do but some don't and i wasnt sure if the allison was the standard trans with the duramax option. And the question only goes for the auto trans because I would like to get it with an auto. I'm moving up from a zr2 s10 so im pretty excited to get the full size.
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Good question: on my '04 GMC it had an option for the Duramax (instead of the standard gas engine) which came with a 4L80e, or a "package" option for the Duramax w/Allison. The funny thing was that the Duramax/Allison was the same price as the Duramax/4L80e. So to answer your question, if the origional buyer was an idiot, he/she could get the Duramax without the Allison.
The only way that you could get a duramax without the allison is if you got the zf-6 manual. I have not heard of anyone getting a 2500HD or 3500 without either of the 2 trannies. I could be wrong, but I think that was an error that you saw....normally the duramax/allison combo was designated as the heavy duty power package.
Well, it was on the GMC web site. I played with the options as I "built" a truck online and it allowed the Duramax/4L80e option, but caught others like trying to order rear seat DVD without subwoofer/leather bucket seats, etc. Obviously, I wasn't going to get anything but the Duramax/Allison anyway. I can't say (or does it really matter) if GM did build it, but if not, why was it allowed on their site? Besides, it's a moot point anyway if you look at the tranny pan for the magic word "Allison" :)
I think maybe it is an option with the diesel vans, but I would highly doubt that a dealer or GM would allow it to happen. I think the site is screwed up. I guess I never tried to do the build it like that...most of the time I just put in the heavy duty power package and was done with it. But you are right, it is a moot point.
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