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Looking to buy my first duramax

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Hi, I am new to the deisel world am and I am looking at upgrading from my Sierra 1500 with a 2500HD and the only real option seems to be a deisel engine. I will be using it for hunting and fishing, but mainly driving back and forth to work. I do haul some and pull a flat bed trailer on occasions. Can anyone tell me if upgrading this is worth it. Like I said I am new to the deisel world and I have heard lots of conflicting information about the costs, up keep and so forth. Any information would be grateful.
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If you are buying it because of the mileage claims that you have You will be disappointed in most cases. Although, just driving short trips, my truck now gets better mileage than my 1500 ever did on the highway. If you plan on keeping the truck for a long time, then you might want to consider it. If your trips for hunting and fishing are quite a distance away, then it might be worth it, but you can buy a lot of gas for the $6000 option. Upkeep is just as expensive on a diesel as it is on a gas just get a bigger hit on your pocket when you go to do it since you do the stuff half as much on a diesel (oil changes). After having my truck for awhile, I find it hard going back to driving gas vehicles. Now, if you have any specific questions, shoot away so we can help you out in this decision.
Are there any maintenance issues with the new duramax engines? I am looking to buy a new 2006 or 2007 when they come out, are there any changes that you might have heard of with the newer models? I have heard that you need to add some additives to the fuel for some of the diesels is this true?
According to GM you don't have to use additives. Personally, I use stanadyne on every tank. I think it costs around $20 for 1/2 gallon and it treats up to 240 gallons. The only time that it is recommended to use the additive, is when the temp drops below zero....even then, the local places should already blend the fuel so it doesn't gell. Also, in the winter time your mileage goes down because of this. From what I have read, the new engines will be running on ultra low sulfur diesel. I guess that means the rest of us will be running additives more often. You end up having to change your fuel filter more often on a diesel because the fuel is so dirty. I believe the recommendation from GM is every 15,000 miles. I feel this is too long....I have changed my filter at 8500 miles and it was almost all the way black. Their filters run about $45 from a parts store all the way down to about $20 a piece. Also, if you get the Allison, plan on changing the external filter often too to protect it from damage. The change intervals are 10,000 miles. Although, Mike L. will tell you it is too long...he feels every 5000 miles is more needed. He is very knowledgeable with the Allison, so I am trying to keep to that and no more than every oil change between filter changes on my allison.
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Thanks for all the great information. I live in Texas and as I have been doing searches online for trucks, I see some that list the engine block heater. Being from Texas where we seldom have freezing temps, would you think this would be a mandantory item or just a good option? Sorry for asking so many questions, but I wnat to know as much as possible before I make the leap from gas engine to diesel, so again thanks for your patience and time.
Yes, the block heater is a good option no matter if you use it or not. I think it comes standard anyway. I think it is a $35 option.....try to get one and installed for that. I would get it no matter where you never know when you will find yourself in freezing temps.
Ya Block heaters make a big difference, I just use mine in the morning even when its like 40 out
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