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Loose Stacks?

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I was watching my friends truck driving in front of me on a bumpy road and noticed the stock tail pipe bouncing around. This got me wondering about stacks.

You guys with stacks on your trucks, do they ever get loose from vibration or bumpy roads? Just wondering if that's another thing you have to keep checking all the time! LOL
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nope, my stacks stay secure, you just need to bolt them down right. i live in maine too, worst roads ever
mine got a little loose once
I have no trouble... getting them mounted right is the key
I had mine professionally welded with a muffler and mine was as stiff as a board!!!
i have a set of mbrp dual smokers on mine and if you use the brackets that come with them they will move and bounce around. they are really cheap and bend easilly. i made my own later and they hadnt moved since :cool:. allthough im thinking about ditching the dual 6" for a single 8", hmm... :D
I don't think I could get an inch of wiggle if I was to grap my stack and yank on it. I have had no problem plowing and all with it. Loko into a better mount or better hardware perhaps.
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