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Hey! Need some help as usual my duramax is having some strange electrical issues. I'll be driving under normal conditions not touching or changing anything when my radio shuts off, then my tuner, and then I will loose all my gauges except my speedometer and RPM. The security light, battery light, and airbag bag will illuminate, I continue to drive and a few minutes later my tuner will pop back on and say that it does not recognize this vehicle, then the dash will ding and my radio and gauges come back as well. I've owned this truck for over a year, its a 2004 Lb7 with 300,000 miles and this happens very randomly, dry wet hot cold weather, while driving and even parked at idle, and it can be months or days in between when it happens again, anyone got any ideas on what the heck this could be? It does have an EDGE tuner that I have to reset everytime this happens and I do have some codes that pop up that it reads. (See photo) Not worried about the top two but the bottom two I think got something to do with it. Any help would be awesome because this is hella annoying.
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