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Loss of Power

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I have a 2001, I just drove it to 2000 miles on vacation and while going up a mountain in Oregon the engine cut out and lost power. It was all it could do to pull itself off the road. The engine would run but would not go over 1900 rpms with limited power. I shut it off and when I restarted it it ran fine but the check engine light was on. It ran fine and when I shut it off again the engine light went off when restarted. When I drove it the next day it did the same thingnwhen I was going up a steep incline. I took it to the dealer and they said it had a code P0098 and they changed the fuel filter. When I left to come home it kept doing the same thing and I would shut it off, restart it and it would run ok until the next incline unless I kept it under 1900 rpm then it would continue running. I got it home and checked for codes and there were none. Any suggestions? I'm afraid to drive it to far after driving it back home that way.
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When is the last time you changed your air filter? The P0098 is Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor 2 Circuit High Voltage. The dealer should have checked IAT sensor, but it could be that too.
The air filter was changed right before I left on the trip.
You could have gotten some bad fuel. I would have a dealer check the IAT sensor to see if it is good. Other than that, It sounds like a bad fuel filter or something with the tranny going into limp mode. Are you sure they changed your fuel filter....some dealers aren't the best. When is the last time the tranny was serviced? In particular the spin-on filter.
I read the service ticket wrong, it was code P0093. The fuel filter was changed by the dealer before I left on the trip along with the injectors due to a recall but I didn't look to see that the filter was really done. They did change it after the problem 200 miles into my trip. The next time it happened was about another 300 miles into the trip on the first mountaim incline. I serviced the transmission and changed the filter right before the trip. My fuel mileage was eratic on the trip ranging from 15 mpg to 20 mpg getting the better when in the worst terrain.
Thanks for your help,
possible bad fuel in the tank need to change the fuel filter again

possible that you keep loosing fuel pressure due to a weak FRPV

due you have a chip or programmer?
I ran through 4 tanks of fuel coming back and as long as I kept it below 1900 rpms going up hill it did fine. On normal terrain if I push it hard it takes off fine and never hesitates. But if I go up a extended incline over 1900 rpms it hesitates and then goes into limp mode. I don't have a chip or a programer. It seems to me to be a fuel supply problem but I don't know why it would only do it on a incline.
Is there a lot of black smoke comming from the tail pipe? If so it sounds to me like it could be an injector(s). That could be a serious problem too! Injectors can cause a cylinder melt down and you don't want that.

Chevy had a recall on injectors for a year or two, and the symptoms that you explain sounds like it could be a possibility. You shouldn't drive it too far until you figure out for sure its not the problem!
Another thing, if you have a lot of black smoke, it could be the waste gate blowing open and you would have problems holding speed. How does the oil look?
I am having the same problem. I also have a 2001. Although mine will do it on flat terrain to. I thought it was bad fuel and have changed filters, but it keeps doing it. I also replaced the two rubber fuel hoses that attach to the fuel filter assembly. That didn't fix it either. I drove it yesterday while it was doing it and checked the codes and there were 2: P0093 & P1345. I am stumped. I wish some one could figure this out. The truck has 120000 miles , but it had the motor replaced at 75,000 and it was sort of doing the same thing before they had to replace the motor. Now the warranty is out of date and I don't want to buy a motor.
That p1345 is for the crankshaft position sensor if I am reading this right.

Code: P1345
Description: Crankshaft Position (CKP)-Camshaft Position (CMP) Correlation

P0093 is a large fuel leak detected....could be an injector stuck open.

Code: P0093
Description: Fuel System Large Leak Detected

I've made it almost 2 months without this reoccuring. But I haven't been on any major inclines either. I can push it as hard as it will go and it runs fine but I know if I head back to the hills it will act up. I carry my scanner at all times now since it seems to clear the codes after 3 restarts for some reason. Good luck with yours and if you find anything out let me know.

I have been trying to get in touch with a local Duramax mechanic to see if he can figure it out. He has just recently figured another problem out I had been having for probably 60,000 miles and know one else could figure that out either. It is just weird that it just randomly happens. If I find anything out I will let you know.
same problem


I bought a 01 yesterday.. and it shows the same problems with the Fuel leak error... hmmm... air filter was bad, but changed it.. no better..
p0093 can be caused by one of 2 reasons: The desired fuel rail pressure can not be achieved or there is excessive fuel return flow. Fuel rail pressure can be monitored while driving while using a scanner. The desired and actual pressure should be fairly close at any give throttle position.
Excessive return flow is a little harder. One, check the oil to see if there is fuel in it. This would indicate that an injector or injector seal is leaking. The other is rather difficult to do as it requires graduated cylinders and several special tools to determine the amount of fuel return. This is best left to a Duramax technician to diagnose.
Since the dealership has replaced the injectors, they are not likely the concern. I have replaced several and have not had repeat problems. I would suspect the injector pump. But then, did the dealership really replace the injectors????

i've seen where the Fuel Regulator Sensor was cuasing the same symptons and kept throwing the 0093 code on the LLY and a 0087 code on the 06 LLY and LBZ..
quick question for those that are having this problem,does the engine have a 2krpm rev limiter when this code is throwen?
i've seen where the Fuel Regulator Sensor was cuasing the same symptons and kept throwing the 0093 code on the LLY and a 0087 code on the 06 LLY and LBZ..
quick question for those that are having this problem,does the engine have a 2krpm rev limiter when this code is throwen?
hey. mine gets the 2k rev limit. Does that indicate something?
I have the p0093, but the truck operates normal when I restart
I am still having the smae problem, but not as often. This seems crazy, but my truck was doing this more often when we had 100 degree weather. Since it has cooled off it has only happened about twice in the last month or so. Although it is very irritating and I don't feel comfortable driving it long distances. I wish I could figure this problem out. I wonder if it is something specific to 01? This seems crazy, but my uncle just bought an 07 6.4 powerstroke and the same thing happened to him two weeks ago. His truck is still in the shop and they think the problem is a high pressure fuel pump, but it still isn't fixed I don't know if they know what the problem is either. I have also contacted a service manager for a local GM dealership here and he has never heard of this problem. I am stumped.
same prob

I started out with the same problem, but it came and left. now anything over 2000 and nothing not only that but my Idle is shitty, no power, and have changed fuel and air, keep getting 0098 and 99 code.
hello all

when you take your truck in let them know about the code p0093 that could meand fuel filter of pressue in the fuel rail i am a tech for chevy i do all there heavy line stuff i play with diesels all day long to me it sounds like it is low or high pressure inthe rail if the injectors are bad it will dump a lot of fuel but should not give you loss of power that sounds like low fuel to me
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