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I did read the Read me First about posting but am still confused...

I have a 02 Chevy deisel.
- all work performed on road trips by different dealers.
- No modifications at all to any part of the drive train.
-165,000 miles mostly pulling a 35ft 5th wheel.
- All injectors replaced by dealer at 98,000 miles
- At 129,000 miles during routine service at dealer advised the idol indicated that the computer was going bad, no test was done just the experieinced mechanics's advise. I took no action on that opinion.
- Mass Air Flow sensor replaced at 148,000 when white smoke at idol first appeared. The dealer was not able to "tune" the unit to spec only at idol.
- water pump and various pullies replaced at 163,000 no effect on smoking issue.
- it uses no oil
- it uses no coolant (now that water pump repalced)

How the heck can you tell of there is fuel in the oil anyway??????

Current Symtoms:
- Check engine light on most times, occasionally turning off. Various codes some not reoccuring after clearing. Have seen codes for PVC and glow plugs and injectors plus others. I use a cheep code reader and resetter.
- at idle faint smoke dark in color doesn't smell right.
- ocasional and random white smoke at idle. When this occurs smoke will increase and be intense as truck is driven but completely dissappears within a few hundred yards. If I notice the white smoke at idol sometimes turning the engine off and the restarting clears the issue.
- rarely is there any smoke afte rexiting the freeway after a long pull. Will return if left ideling.
- Smell of exaust is significant not just the desiel smell, not as good either!
- newly noticed reduction in feul economy, from 12.5 to 9.9 MPG pulling 10k lbs.
- Full throttle while passing up hill (yes pulling trailer) occasionally reaches a limit on power and then slowly dimishes causing me to abort manuver.

Any advise? I really don;t know much about deisels but do pay attention and can learn!

Thanks in advance for any help and the time taken for it!!!!!

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you check for oil in fuel by taking your dipstick to a paper towel and letting the end drip off onto it. if it has diesel in it you will get two distinct rings. one small and dark, one larger and lighter colored.

based on all your symptoms - your injectors are shot.

reduced fuel economy, frequent white smoke, injector codes, loss of power.

check with someone with a Tech 2 or EFI scanner and get your balance and return rates checked.

and start saving your $$$ just in case :D
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