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Louisiana Guns and Diesels on the Bayou spring event 2010

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Louisiana Guns and Diesels on the Bayou spring event March 19-21st 2010 camping will be at Fairview Riverside state Park in Madisonville, La
...with Shooting Saturday the 20th at Tallow Creek Shooting Grounds in Goodbee, La (10 miles north of campground)

even if you don't camp, you can still come shoot with us...

We start the day(9a.m.) with shooting a couple rounds of Skeet and then move on over to the sporting clays Course...(there is also Trap and 5 stand and a Rifle and pistol range)

campground reservations are getting scarce here's a link to reservations...

Here is a list of attendees so far...

Pepperidge (Paul&family)
GMCYA (Vincent)
CWQ21 (Charlie and Lori)
LouisianaRebel (Kaleb&girlfriend)
Toytruckman (Dave)
Unit453 (Nick)
Rydnhi4x4 (Steve)
DieselCash (Marty&Family)
Ithaca37s (Tony)
TheFermanator (Ferm&his new bride)

campsite taken by attendees so far are 24,25,26,22,10,...4,6,19,27,34 are still open
still waiting to hear back from a few others...
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no interest?

Come on're missing a great time.:biggun
I'm not sure...I always go for skeet and clays...

If you are seriously interested in coming, I will call them and ask...

or you can...

Tallow Creek Shooting Grounds
(985) 893-1951
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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