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Hard to find info on the cab and chassis trucks, but I've been looking around at which leaf springs to remove in the back of 2500/3500 trucks.

My truck is an 06 3500HD Dually cab and chassis, and there's a whole extra spring pack that I'm not sure how it works.

I'm about to start building a flatbed for it, main use is motorcycles and camping, and I currently have a 24ft v nose enclosed car hauler.
Want to put the gooseneck in as well "just in case"
I don't want to lose too much in the towing capacity department, but I don't mind going to bags if I have to.

Basically, the truck rides like crap in the back with 0 weight obviously. I want to keep the flatbed fairly light, and don't want to drive around with weight just to make it ride decent.
I don't want it slammed or to modify too much, but the lower I can get the back, the easier it is to load bikes. 2-3" plus a low deck height build would probably work great.

Here's some pics of what I'm working with...
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So the bottom spring pack looks like what you would normally find on 2500/3500 trucks, sounds like I could remove the third from the top leaf and drop it a little and gain some ride quality. I have my doubts that removing the overload would do anything for the ride quality, but would drop it a little more. I'd like to keep overload if possible.

But the top spring pack, is not found on regular 2500/3500 trucks as far as I've seen.
There are 4 springs, one is really short and hard to see, and it looks like the top one is almost like an overload, and hits those pads above it when its weighed down?
What can I remove up there to lower height or gain back some ride quality?
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