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About 2 Years ago one of the "plank owners" of DP commisioned what I believe was a pretty good study on Additives and Lubricity. This was the result of so many threads about guys curious as to the effects of going from LSD to ULSD and how there was going to be so much less sulphur in the fuel and wasn't that going to affect all the components within the fuel delivery system. as far as wear and tear was concerned.

As such they tested numerous different additives.
The testing was done to ASTM specs by an independant laboratory.
The results were amazing to say the least.!

I've .pdf'd the report and attached it here...well worth the read IMO.
For the record: Prior to and since, I have used Power Service Grey jug with 2 stroke mixed in @ ~60:1 ratio.



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Opt-lube makes 3 dif types....the XDP, a summer blend and a winter blend.

I use the the stuff
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