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While not always the easiest to pull off, Barter is the simplest and oldest form of commerce.

With the uncertainty that the economy's future holds and the continuance of lame and bizarre fiscal acts from our current ‘Leader(s)’, along with steadily rising unemployment rates (hidden by creative manipulation of the facts), more and more cash strapped/out-of-work people have turned to the occasional Barter to survive. And by necessity, it’s growing in popularity.

“What is this Barter you speak of?”
I'm tired of tripping over that old GN cushion coupler that doesn't fit this trailer, I sure would like that un-dented OEM rear bumper pulled when that Guy put on that new Ranch Hand. :farmer

If I need some Mechanic work on my truck that requires a shop’s lift or I just haven’t the time myself, I’ll maybe trade a car haul or a dock freight fetch to my buddy in return.

With nothing booked, I had the idle spare time to get rid of and a full tank of fuel in waiting. He couldn’t afford to be away from potential customers walking in, nor having the proper equipment on hand for the task. My actual cost was some fuel; his was hand cleaner and a couple of shop rags. Neither of us could survive solely on such deals, but it’s a nice supplement that doesn’t affect either of our cash flows. In fact, our cash flow was increased, yet no monies changed hands.

A customer has empty crates they’d love to see go away. Another has leftover poultry netting from skids of rock they’d love to see go away. I have an empty trailer in passing by. Poultry netting spread out in the crate and Presto! Durable Compost bins from recycled materials! Drop at the Landscape Supply yard for my truckload of compost soil dropped the next day.

My yard's lookin' Great, the Landscape Supply profits from a quick sell item with little cost in it, I'm not out the fuel 'cause it was on my way...... and who do you think those two customers will think of the next time they need help?

“A $$ Saved is a $$$ Earned”.....***Section Rules***
In the spirit of the Barter, no ads posted in this section can involve cash.

This is for private party trading-trades between individuals, no commercial use is allowed. The intent here is to help members with the occasional Barter.

Your thread’s info must be inclusive and stand on it’s own, with no links to other sources or listings.

As with the For Sale Forum, many of the rules apply here also; such as the ‘Deadbeat’ rule and the item(s) must be yours, not your friend’s or your neighbor’s.

Conduct also; if you have an issue with a trade, PM the person. Don’t slam or call them out, or refer to other sites. If you can make a better 'Deal'/Trade elsewhere, do it.

And Please, remember to close your thread when the Deal is Done.
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