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Looking to buy a 4500 or a 5500 to pull my horse trailers. My question is does most of everything made for the regular pickups interchange with the medium duty trucks?? Like the CP3's, Turbos, Tuning, and Internal Motor parts?????

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Are you aware that GM is shutting down their medium duty business this year?

To: All GMC and Chevrolet Medium Duty Customers
Date: August 27, 2009

Re: Medium Duty Truck Service Only Agreement
GM is working on a new agreement for Medium Duty truck dealers that will
allow them to continue to provide warranty, maintenance and repair
services. Under this arrangement, customers who purchase GM's Medium-
Duty trucks will be able to enjoy the same level of service and warranty
coverage and parts availability they have always received. GM is committed
to maintaining a strong network of Medium Duty service facilities - even
after the wind down of GM's Medium Duty sales operations on October 31,
2010. All customers should have continued peace of mind about purchasing
a GM Medium Duty vehicle from one of our 465 Medium Duty dealers.
Visit this website often as we continue to keep you posted with additional

The GM Medium Duty Truck Marketing Department

GM getting out of medium-duty truck business - Autos-

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Thats not what he asked but good info nonetheless.....

Yes almost all of the engine components are the same.

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