We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but that trailer lock you’ve been trusting to guard your cargo for the past few years? It’s not going to last all that long against a thief with portable power tools and an above average sense of determination. While no lock is ever fully 100% theft-proof, the tougher to pick, cut, or crack open your trailer lock is, the greater the chances that whoever has resolved to take your stuff decides instead to move on to the next trailer, or gets caught in the act.

That’s why we’re excited to report that one of the world’s most innovative and exciting lock manufacturers, Altor, has decided to disrupt the industry with an unpickable, unbreakable, power tool-proof trailer lock unlike any you’ve seen before – called the SAF Trailer Lock.

Altor was founded in 2016 after a successful crowdfunding campaign to support the 560G titanium bike lock and later made a splash with the remarkably robust SAF Bike Lock – a lock that YouTube’s Lockpicking Lawyer said had “essentially zero” chance of ever being picked on the street. In a world of flimsy cable locks and inadequate u-locks, Altor’s first entry into the market is a properly bonkers thing, with a hardened steel shackle encased in a large-diameter patented aluminum shell designed to be girthy enough that the average portable grinder physically can’t get through. Besides its light weight, aluminum has another key benefit, too; being a soft metal, it has a tendency of gumming up grinding wheels, reducing cutting efficiency and even causing excess heat and stress that might, say, force a would-be thief to stop cutting. That’s the sort of outside-the-box thinking it takes to make the world’s most theft-proof bike lock.

And it’s just the sort of outside-the-box thinking Altor has applied to its SAF Trailer Lock, which is handily one of the most radical new arrivals in an industry that’s seen precious little evolution over the past century. It’s made from hardened cast steel with superior hardness, strength, and ductility to resist multiple brute-force attacks, formed into a geometry that’s naturally resistant to power tool attacks. In fact, the SAF Trailer Lock is designed to reject grinding wheels up to 5 inches in diameter. It’s also virtually drill-proof, with a unique design that prevents direct drill attacks to the lock body and mechanism. At the center of it all is a high-security disc detainer locking mechanism akin to what’s inside the SAF Bike Lock, which has a near-zero chance of being picked on the street.

Altor SAF Trailer Lock Field

Add all that up and you have a trailer lock that’s essentially unpickable, uncuttable, undrillable, and nearly impervious to brute-force openings. And Altor has the proof to back it up. Just check out this video, where someone attempts to break the Altor SAF Trailer Lock with a long pry bar and a sledge hammer to no avail, only inflicting superficial damage and leaving the lock functionally intact. Or check out this one, where an “attacker” goes through 14 cutting disk changes and 8 battery changes, burning through 90 minutes of time before he is finally able to force the lock apart.

Suffice it to say, the Altor SAF Trailer Lock is the safest, most theft-proof trailer lock we’ve ever laid eyes on, and you’d be hard-pressed to find better protection anywhere. If you care about your valuables, or if you’ve ever had issues with trailer theft in the past, the Altor SAF Trailer Lock is your best bet.

Altor SAF Trailer Lock 2

If you’re still reading by this point, we’ve got some good news; for a limited time, Altor is granting readers of this site 15% off on the SAF Trailer Lock. Just go to AltorLocks.com, select between Altor’s 2” and 2-5/16” coupler options, and enter the promo code “ALTORAG15” at checkout to take an instant 15% off the purchase price.

What kind of trailer lock do you trust? Let us know in the replies.