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Nothing major or earth shattering. Just replaced the stock unit with a JVC unit I had laying around. Don't have steering wheel controls or any NAV system, etc. The only problem I ran into was the extra wiring harness going to the stock unit. Figured out it was the harness going to the separate tape player located by the cup holders. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement pocket for this location?

JVC unit was originally going to be intalled in my 78 F150 Supercab, but the stock radio was almost dead. Needed tunes now!

Next step is to figure out what I really want to install! Would like to get 7" screen, but I either have to buy the $179 install kit, or chase down an 03' surround and modify a few things. Plus I was thinking of doing 4-8" subs, but that would require a lot of custom box making. Maybe I'll stick to the $90 pre-fab 2-12" boxes.

Bought the wiring harness, antenna adapter and install kit from the local audio shop for $30. Spent about an hour installing everything, pretty easy!
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