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Mod suggestions

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Looking for suggestions from possible experience. Installing 4" turbo back exhaust this weekend, with flanged cat for experimental use. Looking at AFE 7 layer filter to replace oe unit. Still curious about the inlet on the air box being too restrictive. Heard of finger stick and EGR hard wire, where can these be purchased? Going to add Pyro and Boost gauges on pillar pod to monitor it all.

After last truck and dealer experience I am only interested in a programmer that can back out the overwrite when needed. So far have seen first hand Bully Dog, Edge and Diablo, with some of the best feedback on Diablo. The Bully Dog seems to dump alot of smoke, which is not what I am into. Not interested in winning any races, this truck is strictly for recreational use, towing toy box and crap on the weekend. More interested in the MPG gains as most of the time I drive pretty mellow.

Previous truck with full banks system got best mpg on 4th setting, though I do not want to battle with a dealer again over obvious aftermarket equipment. Of three local service departments they are OK with 4 inch and AFE, just no modules or programmers. Any thoughts would be appreciated.:drink
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NO Box is traceable buy a dealer if its removed right befor the service trip! a programer is not really traceble either if done right but i have been told a gm rep properly trained with the right equipment can tell if a programer has been used. They tell this by looking at the last ecm reflash time and how many times the ecm has been flashed. But gm will only go through this trouble in extreem cases where there is a dispute with the claim! IMO i would go with a edge box as they do not change the ecm they just intercept the ecm signal and change it on its way to the engine, leaving no trace anywhere after its removed. Gauges will usually make a dealer think the truck is "chiped" with the edge they are gone also, unless you use the pyro function of the edge, then the probe will still be there looking suspicious!

THe finger stick and blocker plate can be purchased at

AS for the air intake the 06's have a real good setup and is not really nessacery other than just a filter change if you want. it offers no performance gains other than sound unless your looking to make 500 hp!!

Hope this helps,
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NO Box is traceable buy a dealer if its removed right befor the service trip!
Not true. The burn pattern on the piston is different with programmers than stock.
your right, but i would consider having the engined opened up an extreem case, and the same burn patterens could be caused by a bad inj, but would be limited to that cyl. All mods like this can/will void a warrenty its just the chance you take when doing so.

When i bought my truck i knew the warrenty would never be used and now with only 3000 miles left on it its still has yet to be used or has enve needed to be used!!!!!

Burn Pattern

Not true. The burn pattern on the piston is different with programmers than stock.
Could you explain? curious as to the noticable differences. Have many years experience as mechanic/small and heavy equipment in a former life. And thanks for the reply Caleb.:cool
2 calebs?

IIRC the injector leaves a circular pattern on the piston. The pattern is bigger with the truck has been modded.

Sorry, should have put a comma there, was just saying thanks to Caleb. First name is David.:drink
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