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more fuel???

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when im at fuel throttle it cuts out like a rev limiter is that starvin it for fuel maybe? and what do i do about it?:help
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fuel filter?
i change it everytime with my oil so i wouldnt think so its been doin it since the efi so im thinkin lift pump but i no nothinh about them
that was my next question. maybe some more experienced efi guys will chime in
Lift PUMP^^^
almost sounds like it's defueling to save your tranny. How big of a tune? Did you get the tune from the person you bought EFI from? If so, talk to them and see if it is something in the tuning causing it.

Also, when was the last time you changed your oil and how often do you do it? It only takes 1 bad tank to clog a fuel filter...just a thought.
yeah sounds like is starving for fuel for sure... if you know for a fact the tune is good and the filter is good then its time to add a lift pump
yea the tunes from rob it had 427 hp and 807 torque on the dyno??? sound like lift pump time??
ok then my next question whats the best buy on them and whats it involve
I always recommend a Raptor or Airdog. There is not much involved on the install. You run a few lines and route the wiring up to the engine compartment. The install take about 2-3 hours.
I have a new never used and a reman never used since reman PPE lift pump PM me if interested
srry but is the fass platinum any count tyler
I like my airdogII it took all of 2hrs tops to put on, no cutting or splicing lines, and isn't all that loud. Has filter and seperator built in so its a lil bit on the pricy side but its more than ill ever need, even with twins!
The FASS Platnium is a great pump. We have them if you are interested.
thanks alot guys and the laptops runnin slow its hard enough keepin up with this sign whats the price on that
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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