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more tow mirror ?s

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i just ordered mine today and i wanted to know is there anything i need for this.. i know its super easy. also whats the whole leveling thing. how to do it. im torn between doin it or not. how hard is it

thanks guys and gals(i know there is a few on here)
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bump for the night
Need the website for the 07 towing mirrors for the earlier trucks
Need the website for the 07 towing mirrors for the earlier trucks
they will have them here...

Oh there very easy to do! Take the door panel off them 3 10mm bolts hold the mirror on. Can be done in 5 min. Theres a thread on here about leveling them but I couldnt find it. I looked at it and I wont do it to mine. You gotta take the miror apart and cut some plastic. IMO it would make the mirror weak.

Heres the link to remove the door panel :drink

Awesome. I looked for the thread also and couldn't find it. I'm not going to level mine either then. I really don't want to cut anything up that's already good. I took my door panels off last weekend to put speakers in so this should be a walk in the park. Thanks for the info Tow Master.
Don't want to hijack but can you put these on an 01 because the wierd shaped one IMO don't look good on the truck at all.
Yes you can put them on an 01. Go to the website I posted. I ordered mine on monday and got them thursday. They are the cheapest I could find and great shipping. My truck looks so much better. Now I have to get a better pic for my avatar.
you want cheaper :D go to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just looked it up woulda saved u 30 bucks
if you have a GMC just put in chevy silverado they will fit
okay thanks guys. and thanks for the cheaper website
There a lot cheaper than 30.00
ya but when u put shipping in it is 30 lol
oh ya cause you dont have power anything! i forgot
but if u were to go with powerd ones they would be 30 cheaper
Oh I feel really dumb haha
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