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So, I work for BNSF and I travel a lot being as I started jumping on region system gangs that travel the USA. Hotel WiFi is hit or miss and then 80+ guys trying to play games kills it. So I picked up a Mofi4500 setup and a unlimited plan with no caps or throttling for $80 a month. Using about 40GB a week so far. Helps the kids all have unlimited data as well on their phones.

After we get our trailer setup for summertime (I don't care what the salesman says, they still get really cold inside in -20° weather in Wyoming) going with some upgraded directional antennas for the 4500.

The 4500 is my modem, my router is a Asus GT-AC5300. I have a few things hardwired to it. Xbox, Switch, Wii U, Plex server, PS3 etc.

Mostly just curious what other OTR guys are using.
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