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My truck makes a funny sound when turned off

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since i have owned the truck it has mad a weird squeeking noise from the motor. can anyone tell me what it is?? and today when i turned off my truck i found that it was making a weirk clunking noise it seems to be coming from the transfer case any comments
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The squeek is probally the belt, when a diesel shuts off it stops spining instantly causing all the belt driven stuff wanting to keep turning unlike a gas engine that will make a few turns after you shut it off. THey all make this sound so not to worry!
I agree. Squeeking is usually the belt. With the clunking, It could be the gears going from neutral drive or reverse into park are slightly off and jam another gear to go into place. This could happen because you left your foot off the brake slightly when changing gears. Or being on a slight grade the gears will make noise when you shut it off and let your foot off the brake. :cool:

its a belt... when a diesel engine stops, it actually rolls backwards and then again forwards all in about 2 seconds. What is happening during this time when the belt squeaks, due to the extremely high compression ratios in diesels and a compressed ignition instead of a spark, when the diesel shuts off it rolls back and fourth to equalize the compression on the cylinders. its no big deal at all and all diesel will do it...
thanks for the info. my friends psd does not do it so i was kinda unsure

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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