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N.E. Ohio Summer Dyno Day

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Thats right, Grand Rock and TI Dyno is holding another Dyno day this year! It will take place July 21st.

TI Dyno and Grand Rock Truck Exhaust Systems presents:

WHEN: July 20th 2007(meet and Greet)
July 21st 2007 (Dynoing)

WHERE: TI Dyno & Tuning
776 Center Street
Ashtabula Ohio, 44004

TIME: Meet & Greet: 5pm to 9pm
Dyno: 9:30am to Last Truck Done

COST: $45 For 2 Pulls With Cool Down Time. Can tune a little between pulls.
$5 for any extra pull. (Limit 2)

For more information call or email Kevin at:
440-993-0100 (Shop)
440-474-2059 (cell)
Call and leave a message!
Email: [email protected] (to contact Kevin)
[email protected] (to contact Josh a.k.a crzycowboy)
There will be prizes to win!

Event Co-Sponsored by:

Hope some of you can make it! If you have any questions, feel free to email me or Call TI Dyno!
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With the ODBII connector, TI Dyno will be able to get the trucks in and out fairly quickly. When we did the re-run in the spring, 1 truck with the OBDII connector took only 15 minutes to run....that is including tie down. So this summer's day will only have 2 runs, and he expects to get the trucks done a little quicker than that. I belive we are doing sign ups when you get there. If something changes, I'll post up on the forums. Don't forget the meet and greet the day before, we'll be there just shootin' the chit with who ever wants to come hang out for a little bit.

Hey the dyno day is Saturday....who all will be able to make it?
Yep, you're on the list James....
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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