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Hi Guys,

I'm in the market to buy a Duramax 4x4 crew Cab but I have a few concerns.

Here's what I'll basically do with with truck. Use it 10-15 times a year to carry a 24'' Enclosed trailer with around 7000 pounds including trailer and cargo weight and travel around 15000 miles a year with the trailer and used it for a shop truck when not loaded another 15000 miles.

I'm seing a lot of Duramax in the 22k average with 40-70k miles on it and on the other side the low mileage one are all over 30K

1- Do you think it worth the extra 10k to spend on that type of truck to get one with low mileage ?
2- What is the story about the 2nd generation of the Engine for the fuel economy ?
3- Maybe a dumb question but does all the automatic duramax comes with the allison tranny ?

Thanks for your time


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1- 10k? not sure if real low miles its worth more, i just paid 31k for one with 18 k on it, was it worth it . I dont know but you dont find good used dmaxes with 18k on it very often?

2 no one really knows why the 2 gens get lower mpg but probally mostly due to the more restrictive turbo housing, higher fueling rate to get the extra power for the lly, egr valve raising intake temps, and the cat making more back pressure.

3- yes all autos, except in express vans, are allisons!

Hope this helps

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1. I would have to say the extra money is worth it. For the miles your driving you'll run out of factory warranty quick. The best thing with the warranty is they cover injectors and some motor parts up to 100,000 miles on all newer Dmax. If you notice there are ALOT for sale with 101,000 miles :rolleyes:

2. Not sure why they dont get as good fuel mileage. There still pretty close and once you add some aftermarket items you'll get even better. If your looking for better fuel mileage dont get bigger than stock tires.

3. Yep all autos are Allison. The 2006 and up went from a 5 speed to a 6 speed and 6 speed is the better trany.

Best of luck on your new truck. Post when you figure out what your getting.

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