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Hi Guys,

I'm in the market to buy a Duramax 4x4 crew Cab but I have a few concerns.

Here's what I'll basically do with with truck. Use it 10-15 times a year to carry a 24'' Enclosed trailer with around 7000 pounds including trailer and cargo weight and travel around 15000 miles a year with the trailer and used it for a shop truck when not loaded another 15000 miles.

I'm seing a lot of Duramax in the 22k average with 40-70k miles on it and on the other side the low mileage one are all over 30K

1- Do you think it worth the extra 10k to spend on that type of truck to get one with low mileage ?
2- What is the story about the 2nd generation of the Engine for the fuel economy ?
3- Maybe a dumb question but does all the automatic duramax comes with the allison tranny ?

Thanks for your time

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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