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need an answer please

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last week i posted about my soft clutch, and transmission not always wanting to shift.. sometimes stuck in nuetral. i sometimes have to shut off the truck and then it will go in gear..since then the the clutch was bled ..while working with it the clutch started sticking to the floor. found the plastic ball that connects to the back of the clutch pedal broken.. then found clutch master cylinder leaking.. the mechanic replaced the clutch master cylinder and did not bleed it after installing new part.. seemed fine for a little while.. earlier i turned down a dead end and had to turn around when i finally got it in reverse it was going backwards while i had the clutch to the floor.. . dont want to upshift or downshift..would an air pocket cause this or has the clutch finally gone out or worse??? thanks in advance!
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if you pump the pedal a few times wil it go into gear then?
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