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Hi all, what I really need is a reasonable mechanic in the Annapolis, MD area who'll look at this and not screw with my wife. Timing couldn't be worse I deploy tomorrow and this just started happening last week, some insight on what could be the problem would also be greatly appreciated.


-Heavy Vibration during deceleration, usually around 15 mph, I noticed that if I maintain 15 mph the vibration continues. I don't notice it during acceleration.

-I do notice a whine at hwy speed resembling that of a wheel bearing however direction of turn does not affect the whine.

What I've ruled out:

-Brakes, all were checked out yesterday and it continues.

-Front Wheel bearings, one was replaced yesterday and the other was replaced last year both appear to be fine at this time

-Carrier Barring was supposedly looked at as well yesterday and I was told it was fine.

The Truck:

2004.5 LLY w/diablo sport tune to 65HP, cold air intake and aftermarket 5 in exhaust. everything else is stock.

I'm guessing rear end? anyone with a good mechanic and some insight would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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