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Need Peace of Mind!

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So, putting on leveling kit had the truck in the air on the two post and started doing the front keys..

FOOLISHLY I feel I did not spring the extra cash to get the proper GM tool to unload the TKeys.

SO! Used a fairly aggressive ball joint press and went to work--On my exhaust side there is barely an inch of space between my pipe and t bar cross member--AND my exhaust is all welded!

Started torquing down the Ball Joint Press and the clamp slipped and wedged in between my exhaust and cross member pushing the pipe up about an inch and a half... I did not disconnect my downpipe and I am afraid I put too much stress on that downpipe to turbo connection??:confused:

What do you guys think?

Everything seems fine but I just have a weary feeling on this one!!

Thanks, John
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So I will assume I am ok>? haha
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