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So just recently I started to see my truck start to blow white smoke. I can let the truck sit there and it wont smoke but then when i go to take off from letting it sit there and idle for a little it blows the white smoke and then clears up. The thing is i just got new injectors from a dealership here and put them in about 6 months ago. So im thinking it the injectors again. It's idling ruff almost like a lope to it. I just noticed a tick from the motor. I get on here and start reading and some people say they had head gasket that went out. I take the oil fill tube cap off and there is a little bit of white smoke comes out from it, and i can here like a grinding noise or something like it coming from the oil fill tube. I checked the oil and it doesent seem to be milky white or anything and the coolant seems to be filled and the low coolant light is not on. Im kinda at a loss of what it is. If you have any ideas or anyone who might know something it would be awsome. Thanks
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