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Cool car. Is it pretty quick? On the trailer. IT kinda depends on your driving skills. The bigger the trailer the bigger the pain. It's gonna be harder to get in and out. We've got a 30 ft gooseneck flatbed and it is a pain but we don't use it everyday. With the crewcab it'll tow pretty good. You might get a few upgrades on your truck, exhaust and an intake and maybe a tune and it'll tow just fine. How much total weight you looking at pulling? I think a 40' would be plenty but you might not have as big a living area as you would like to have. Buy a 24' bumber and put slide in pickup camper in the back!! Slap some airbags under the rear and you're good to go. Or I may be full of crap! Someone else might have a little more insight on this.
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