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I operated a trailering/towing shop for two years. The varied ideas about towing always amazed me. You've got a good truck to pull most whatever you want. We pull a 40 ft gooseneck horsetrailer. No sway, follows like a dream. Stability wise, gooseneck/fifth wheel is MUCH the better. Also, the longer the better for stability. Of course, the longer they are, the more you have to be aware of them. If this is your first trailer, the length will get to you pretty quick if all you've ever driven was single tire vehicles. A camper in the bed of your truck is a great combination if you want to camp when you don't want the trailer but it will give a sizable vehicle stability issue that will take more conscious effort to account for when driving. If you use a bumper pull, make sure you use stabilizer/anti-sway bars for ANY good size trailer. Make sure your trailer brake system works properly. Usable trailer space is so much a personal preference depending on how much stuff you have that it is difficult to judge what would work for you. No sure where you are, but if you want to come visit us you can take a test drive in our truck with our 40' trailer so you can see how easily it pulls and corners (you just have to watch out for the corner!). Have fun hunting! If you can stand the driving, the longer the better and it will give you space to grow in!
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