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Need Tuner!!

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My truck is bone stock, its a 01' 3500 crewcab dually, LB7, i got chevrolet to replace the injectors because the old ones were going bad. I want to put a performance chip/ tune on it. I got a guy trying to sell me a custom tow tune ( 80) hp for 400..can yall help? thanks...
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im new to the tuning too. Ive researcherd it a little and went with a diablo predator used from on here. Got it the other day and the damn things vin locked after the ad said it wasnt. sent it back 2 have it unlocked, hope it goes smoothly. If you buy used....make sure its not vin locked, but everyone says quadzilla or predator good entry level for lb7's
My first tuner was the edge juice/attitude. I really enjoy it and even though alot of people complain about it it has worked really well for me. It is nice because it has gauges built in and has on the fly controls. I am going to upgrade to efi live soon!
just get a vender to set you up with efi live and be done with it. don't waste your money on 3 or 4 different tuners trying to find one you like when you will end up with efi live anyways.
DAMMIT....four hundred bucks for ONE tune??????that's nuts!!
why not get a tuner and get three to four tuning levels,speed limiter control,speedo,tire settings etc...for that price get EFI and tune till you are blue!!no way in hell I would give 400 bucks for A tune.:drink
It all depends on what you want to do with your truck and the budget you want to do it in. Diablo, quadzilla are both good entry level tuners that will do 90% of the people good. Some of us cannot leave well enough alone and go with custom tuning. Like Daddyslbz said do not pay 400 for one tune. For that kind of money you can easily slide into a entry level tuner and add a little more and you can get one with gauges built in.
for an off the shelf tuner ppe is what ide go with, i think a lot of people on here would agree. they can offer the small power gains for your stock truck, but in the future if you want to upgrade the trans and fuel system they offer serious power upgrades.

i know im running the bullydog but do as i say not as i do lol
Save a nother 400 get efi and most the guys selling it to you will give you 2 tunes to go with it...
Nick and Rob both charge $350 for custom tuning. True, that's not $400 but very close.
I ended up buying a quadzilla stealth 2....has anyone had problems with it??
I like mine alot! fifty and seventy+ just really brings it to life without worrying about the transmission, it slips when I crank it up..
i just got quadzilla stealth 2 like 3 days ago and im on 135 and its fricken sweet! i couldnt imagine more!
Just make sure you pull your fuses as stated in the instuctions otherwise could damage ECM
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