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Hola, and thanks in advanced. So I'm having trouble finding the exact information and parts that I need.

I have a 2005 Duramax 3500 lly

So basically I'm wanting to do a full egr delete, recently found out my egr is leaking radiator coolant she has 270k miles, and I said to hell with the egr. Really I'll try and keep it simple I'm having troubles finding any real full egr delete kits or an itemized list of part names that I need so that I can more easily buy the parts individually. Probably the main reason I'm having troubles are because of the feds crack down on emissions since the desiel brothers.
Can anyone tell me the parts names like I'm told I need both up pipes, maybe an lbz y bridge, but what's the pipe called that replaces the egr? what are the separate names for the up pipes? Is one cold and one hour? I'm not much for mechanical names and lingo. And how a diesel fully operates. But really what are all the part names that I need to do a full pro style egr delete and I don't mean any weak sauce like add a blocker plate.
If anyone's smart enough to decipher what I'm trying to say please help!
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