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New 07 ???'s

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I keep hearing that the new 07's are going to be alot lower on HP and TQ and will be much harder to mod to get the power back. How true is this?

At the moment I drive a tweaked 7.3 Excursion (Geez what a mistake!) and want to get back with a bowtie, should I just buy a 06 or 07 classic?

I was planning crew cab dually too if it matters. I do like the looks of the new body and thats what I want but if Im not going to be able to chip it than Im leaning towards the the older model

Any opinions or facts would be appreciated!
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i don't know about the hp and tq ratings but from what i've read you'll be far ahead buying one now. supposedly this was all mandated to take effect jan 1, 2007 which means, if i understand, any trucks built after this date must have the tighter emissions. which means modifing them them be the equivalent to getting blood out of a rock.
Im hearing all kinds of good stuff, NOT... Like filters on our exhausts and states starting to do more smog checks on the Diesels and not just visuals checks either. Ive heard things like aftermarket companies are going to be out of business in a few years because there wont be any work-arounds. Maybe Im just getting sucked into the panic, hopefully its all just a bad dream.
Yup Yup... Buy yo ride before January if you want less emissons and more power.

I called Diesel Innovations down in Texas and they said that they heard through the grapevine that Bullydog was working on some new programming for the LMM and they at DI feel like it will just be a matter of time before the aftermarket catches up.

They say wait for mid 07 and the new products will be out.
IIRC the hp/tq rating for the new engine is 365/650. This still means its #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah the numbers are great. Thats what I counter with for all my friends rushing me towards an 06. The hp/tq #'s are awesome!

I hate to say it but with that kind of stock output are the mods necessary? I just dont need a 13 second truck. Even if you have it can you use it while towing due to high EGT's? Usually not and even if you 'can' keep the temps down then how long will the trans hold?

I called Dave Smith in Idaho and priced out a 07HD Dually Classic tonight and the price is $41900! Sounds pretty good. Out of curiosity I also priced a Dodge Mega Cab dually and it prices out at $44000. The Cummins is great and all but the rest of the truck just seems low dollar quality.
Id go with an 06. I think the LLM will have problems at first.
check out they have some good info. new specs say 365hp and 660tq ..sweeeeeet.
check out they have some good info. new specs say 365hp and 660tq ..sweeeeeet.
thats what truck trend says on the out put with a yet revised allison.
If you really like the new body style, you can not get it yet. The Classic is the same as the '06. As far as I am aware, there is not yet a picture of the latest and greatest body style in HD form. Hope it happens soon though, it will be very interesting to see.
Here ya go!

Some people like it, some hate it. I like it alot, from 06 back I like the looks of the GMC but now I think I like the Chevy better.

Heres the GMC...
I stand corrected!! The Chevy does not look as good as the GMC though. Can't wait to see how the new 6.6 works out though.
Sooo you like the GMC MORE than the Chev? I kind of like the Chev better. Most of us here at the office think that the new GMC kind of looks like the Ford.
I don't like the front end of the Chev. I guess it is all a matter of opinion though. And nothing that body colored accents wouldn't take care of.
To me either one they both look great, no feelings hurt here. I think either truck would look better with a billet grille. I like the new dash and I guess the frames are all new too. Rack and pinion is cool, Allison trans.... I could go on and on.
The first picture of the Chevy I saw I really disliked it. Those huge, chrome corners just look really strange and make little sense. Have fun with the chrome polish!. The GMC bumper looks like it belongs on the truck and flows well with everything else. The Chevy front end is just large in general, it seems like the grille is a little large, sticking out and trying to eat up everything, and the headlights are getting blown away down the sides of the body. As for the GMC the grille is more tame, and the headlights look so much more in place, and not like they're falling away. I wish GM would put a little larger tires on their HD's from the factory. Looks like they still have the smallest wheel/tire combo of the big 3. All in all I would drive the GMC.
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