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New diesel owner

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First new vehicle ever!! I am grinning from ear-to-ear!
'06 K2500 CCSB, LBZ & Allison, White w/ grey interior

Was looking at used, but with the 0%, I couldn't justify not buying a new one!
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Welcome to the forum Ben:beer , and congrats on that new rig....ive never had a new one:p

Any big plans with mods, or ya gonna leave her as she is for now????:peelout
Took me 38 years to get a new vehicle, and this is probably the last one I'll buy until I retire!
Probably just leave it stock... oh, wait... the wife wants me to add TV monitors to the back seats. God Bless the electronic babysitter!! :)
lmao.......yea, i remember when i was a kid...i was lucky to have a walkman to listen too so i could listen to my own are spoiled these days, but it sure makes it easier on the parents i guess:thumbsup
Congrats, Welcome Ben, I think your one of hte first lbz owners here!!

When your ready for some performance mods look me up i'll point ya in the right direction, as for the elektraniks i'm clueless!!!!!!!

New Owner

just got a 2500hd crewcab duramax with allison tranny
hope it will last longer then my 04 f-150
We bought a new 04 f 350 v-10, got rid of that awhile back on got my cummins, oo ya its nice to get something new that your pleased with, you sleep in the garage with it yet?
Nice truck!! One of my Customers just bought his first new trucks ever too. 2006 LBZ Sport Red. He is excited! Should be going up to get it next weekend.
I'll tell you one thing, I wish the other manufacturers had their transmissions figured out like GM does!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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