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New Guy w/First Diesel

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Hi everyone, :hyper
I am picking up my new Chevy LBZ 4x4 today after work:woot . Years back I use to drive a big rig but been 20 years. So this is going to be my first personal diesel truck. I plan on keeping this truck for 15+ years so I have a few question.

What is the best way to break it in?
How often should I use the 4x4?
What milage should I expect?
Any problems that I should expect?

How many beers until I really start having some fun?:drink
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From what i've been told by many the newer engines are pretty much broken in enough within a few miles that you can run the urine out of them right out of the box. Mileage usually doesn't start of super well according to a lot of new owners, but it improves as the engine gets closer to being "fully" broken in.....
Greetings MRTruck! I'm new too! I haven't got my pics in the gallery yet, but soon.

That's a great looking truck you got there! I looked at one just like it and decided to wait a little. The LBZ has 365 hp, right? What are your rpms at 70 mph with the 6 speed? The 5's run at 2,000.

Your question about the break in on D/Max... drive it like you live! The rear end needs to be broken in so take it easy the first 500 miles, though. Also, get to be good friends with your dealer and the service guys. They will be of great assistance if you need tech questions answered.
Yeah, correct.....take 'er easy the first few miles or so and then run the thing like mad........
Yes, the LBZ does have 365 hp and at 70 mph the rpm's are at 1800. So for I have put 265 miles on it and have had a blast!:ar15 On the freeway I really have to watch my speed, in no time I am going over 80 mph and it doesn't feel like. The truck runs and rides so smooth, even the family has been impressed. I tried the 4x4 out and got stuck :( , I was doing great until in drove into an area holding water. But the boys loved it and thought it was great:rof. Someone saw me and called a wrecker truck to pull me out. He stated that I needed better tires, I agree the standard on/off road tire from the deal just don't cut it. But it was still a blast!!! Today I am having a sprayed in bedliner put in by Line-X, then more test driving.
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