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New injector lines correct torque and still a crank case full of fuel!!

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Ok I had an 01' ecsb come in the other day pouring oil out of the crank vent. checked the balance rates with EFI and I got none of the balances were correct except one injector (-2). So i got Pensacola diesel to send me a set of remans and the install kit. I also bead blasted and cleaned the injector lines, flushed the fuel rails out and changed the fuel filter. Two days later the truck comes back with fuel in the crank case again! did the balance test again and everything check out fine there. So I tore into it thinking I didnt torque something down right (which I have forgotten to do once.) Re-torqued everything to specs re-assembled, changed the oil and drove it for about 20 miles. got back to the shop and pulled the dip stick only to find........... DIESEL IN THE OIL AGAIN!!!! Any idea guys?
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bead blasting the lines is fine as long as you use glass bead, its actually how gm tells you to clean them, there is a information bulletin on it out there somewere from gm
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