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ALL you LB7 Duramax owners take a look at our NEW Updated LB7 Return Line Banjo bolts (At Injector). No more of the stripped out allen bolts causing fuel leaks and improper torque!

LDS’s industry leading LB7 Injector Return Line Bolts have been heat treated to a yield strength of 135,000 psi. It has been redesigned to utilize a 10mm hex head making the installation and removal of this bolt extremely easy. The head height provides reassurance that you are getting the proper torque while minimizing the potential for stripping.

The factory bolts are prone to stripping which can cause failure to properly torque the return line bolt and cause a fuel leak, resulting in having to tear back into the engine. We have designed the distal end of the bolt to be custom taper matched to the return port of the LB7 injector. Additionally, the reduced thread length has increased the strength of the bolt.
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