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Hi all,
I have been reading alot on this site for a cuple of weeks now and thought i would finally join. I bought an 05 dmax crew cab with a 6" fabtech lift but currently still stock tires, will eventually put 35's on it, had 95000 miles on it but all highway so this thing is spotless. After reading on here I will deffinetly change the mouth piece 1st since it a lly.

I tractor pull so i will be pulling 12,000 lbs and the trailer weight all summer. So here are the mods I thought i would do and in the order. Also time and money is a factor due to getting pulling tractor finished by june. lol

1. mouthpiece and airbox mod, not sure what setup to use, afe expensive but looks easier to install, remember right now time and money is an issue but sounds like this a must before hooking to a trailer

2. 4" turbo back exhaust, any suggestions?

3. tuner, ppe or efi, I understand efi is the best but remember i will be pulling 12,000 and dont have any plans on doing anything to the tranny in the near future. I cant afford a pulling tractor and a pulling truck both but want it to run the best it can without limping the tranny. How much is efi's preprogrammed tunes compared to ppe?

4. What should i do? ppe race valve, heard just drill out stock one, wat size hole? EGR block? etc.?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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