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New to this forum and need advice

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I am new to this forum and would like to say hello and I'm looking forward to getting and sharing ideas.

I am planning to trade my current truck for a used Chevy Duramax within the next few weeks. I have done some research but I thought I'd tap into your vast knowledge. I'm unfamiliure with the different year and models of the 2500 Duramax. I would like some suggestions as to which year range to stay with (or stay away from). I will be using the truck to pull about 2000# once or twice a week. I can not afford a new one but thought about one in the '03 to '05 range.

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WElcome to the site!! As for the trucks there are no real problem years, the earlt 01 02's had some injector issues with a % fo trucks. ANy truck can have issues but there really arent any that are just a given problem in all trucks!!

the engines are mostly the difference but for someone not looking to make a race truck the differences are small! the lb7 04.5 and older seem to get the best mpg stock!

Thanks for the info. Is there a document or post on this site that compares the different year motor specs such as hp and torque?

Welcome to the site! The New LBZ in the 06 and up has alot more power. Should definatly tell a difference. :rolleyes:

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