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We decided on a trailer with the following specs.

UVW8997 lbs
Hitch Weight1592 lbs
GVWR10995 lbs

Our Payload capacity of our 2011 2500HD Crew Cab LTZ Duramax is right under 2400 pounds. If I am running my numbers right I should never go over the payload capacity. We are getting an Andersen Hitch because the only weigh about 35 pounds. Put my mind at ease on our purchase, but be honest. Will we be okay towing this?

Passengers/Dogs when towing will add about 550 Pounds.

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What kind of trailer?
Guessing it's a 5er?
Forget the empty #, always look at the Gross rating. Unless it's toyhauler, figure 15% PW on the truck....which puts you in the ballpark of 1650 out of 1800 cap with gear, family, and full fuel. So, you're there, just on the good side of max.
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