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New Wheels.. Bling Bling!!!

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Finally got my wheels last week. They look pretty sweet! I ended up getting the 16x8 Gear Alloy 712mb Injectors. They fit perfect comming right up to the outer fender. I had to do a little plastic triming and zip tying to have them fit perfectly but it works.

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Looks nice, what's the backspace on those? (I am guessing about 5 or 5.5")I take it that you don't rub on the mudflaps.
Looks good other than that sticker in the back window, you ought to black that out when posting pics here ;)
I dont remember the back spacing.. For some reason Im thinking 0.0 but Im probably wrong.. Ill have to check the box tommorrow. It rubbed the inner part of the mud flay so I hat to trim about 3/4 an inch off. The only thing you can really tell was trimmed is the bottom of the front valance..

Wow I wasnt thinking.. Good Call TBB.. Ill fix that right up! I think its time for some Duramax stickers.. maybe Ill get some custom ones made at Carlisle... :D

Looks great...
i'm a big one for Duramax forum stickers..
nice truck i like those wheels. i wish i would have got 16 instead of 18
Yeah about the Duramax Forum stickers, urrghh, I've supposed to have been talking to some sign guys for a month now. Haven't made time to do it yet. I'll try to get an answer by the end of the week.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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